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#   Copyright (C) 2007 - 2008 Adam Blackburn
#   Copyright (C) 2007 - 2008 Dan O'Reilly
#   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
#   it under the terms of the GNU General Public License Version 2 as
#   published by the Free Software Foundation.
#   This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
#   but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
#   GNU General Public License for more details.
#   You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
#   along with this program.  If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.

from distutils.core import setup, Command
import os
import shutil
import sys

# Be sure to keep this updated!
VERSION_NUM = '1.5.2'

class configure(Command):
    description = "configure the paths that Wicd will be installed to"
    # lib = '/usr/share/wicd/'
    # etc = '/etc/wicd/'
    # images = '/usr/share/pixmaps/wicd/'
    # encryption = etc + 'encryption/templates/'
    # bin = current
    # networks = '/var/lib/wicd/configurations/'
    # log = '/var/log/wicd/'
    # python = '/usr/bin/python'
    user_options = [
        # these first bunch are DIRECTORIES.
        # they need to end a slash ("/")
        # which will automatically be tacked on
        # in the finalize_options method
        ('lib=', None, 'set the lib directory'),
        ('share=', None, 'set the share directory'),
        ('etc=', None, 'set the etc directory'),
        ('images=', None, 'set the image directory'),
        ('encryption=', None, 'set the encryption template directory'),
        ('bin=', None, 'set the bin directory'),
        ('sbin=', None, 'set the sbin directory'),
        ('networks=', None, 'set the encryption configuration directory'),
        ('log=', None, 'set the log directory'),
        ('resume=', None, 'set the directory the resume from suspend script is stored in'),
        ('suspend=', None, 'set the directory the  suspend script is stored in'),
        ('dbus=', None, 'set the directory the dbus config file is stored in'),
        ('desktop=', None, 'set the directory the .desktop file is stored in'),
        ('icons=', None, "set the base directory for the .desktop file's icons"),
        # ('pixmaps=', None, 'directory for images'),
        ('translations=', None, 'set the directory translations are stored in'),
        ('autostart=', None, 'set the directory that will be autostarted on desktop login'),
        ('init=', None, 'set the directory for the init file'),
        ('docdir=', None, 'set the directory for the documentation'),
        ('mandir=', None, 'set the directory for the man pages'),
        ('kdedir=', None, 'set the kde autostart directory'),
        # anything after here is a FILE.
        # in other words, a slash ("/") will not automatically
        # be added to the end of the path.
        # do NOT remove the python= entry as it signals the beginning
        # of the file section.
        ('python=', None, 'set the path to the Python executable'),
        ('pidfile=', None, 'set the pid file'),
        ('initfile=', None, 'set the init file to use'),
        ('initfilename=', None, "set the name of the init file (don't use)"),

        # switches
        ('no-install-init', None, "do not install the init file"),
        ('no-install-man', None, 'do not install the man file'),
        ('no-install-kde', None, 'do not install the kde autostart file'),
        ('no-install-acpi', None, 'do not install the suspend.d and resume.d acpi scripts'),
        ('no-install-install', None, 'do not install the INSTALL file'),
        ('no-install-license', None, 'do not install the LICENSE file')

    def initialize_options(self):
        self.lib = '/usr/lib/wicd/'
        self.share = '/usr/share/wicd/'
        self.etc = '/etc/wicd/'
        self.icons = '/usr/share/icons/hicolor/'
        self.images = '/usr/share/pixmaps/wicd/'
        self.encryption = self.etc + 'encryption/templates/'
        self.bin = '/usr/bin/'
        self.sbin = '/usr/sbin/'
        self.networks = '/var/lib/wicd/configurations/'
        self.log = '/var/log/wicd/'
        self.resume = '/etc/acpi/resume.d/'
        self.suspend = '/etc/acpi/suspend.d/'
        self.dbus = '/etc/dbus-1/system.d/'
        self.desktop = '/usr/share/applications/'
        self.translations = '/usr/share/locale/'
        self.autostart = '/etc/xdg/autostart/'
        self.docdir = '/usr/share/doc/wicd/'
        self.mandir = '/usr/share/man/'
        self.kdedir = '/usr/share/autostart/'
        self.no_install_init = False
        self.no_install_man = False
        self.no_install_kde = False
        self.no_install_acpi = False
        self.no_install_install = False
        self.no_install_license = False

        # figure out what the default init file
        # location should be on several different distros
        self.distro_detect_failed = False
        self.initfile = 'init/default/wicd'
        if os.access('/etc/redhat-release', os.F_OK):
            self.init = '/etc/rc.d/init.d/'
            self.initfile = 'init/redhat/wicd'
        elif os.access('/etc/SuSE-release', os.F_OK):
            self.init = '/etc/init.d/'
            self.initfile = 'init/suse/wicd'
        elif os.access('/etc/fedora-release', os.F_OK):
            self.init = '/etc/rc.d/init.d/'
            self.initfile = 'init/redhat/wicd'
        elif os.access('/etc/gentoo-release', os.F_OK):
            self.init = '/etc/init.d/'
            self.initfile = 'init/gentoo/wicd'
        elif os.access('/etc/debian_version', os.F_OK):
            self.init = '/etc/init.d/'
            self.initfile = 'init/debian/wicd'
        elif os.access('/etc/arch-release', os.F_OK):
            self.init = '/etc/rc.d/'
            self.init = 'init/arch/wicd'
        elif os.access('/etc/slackware-version', os.F_OK) or \
             os.access('/etc/slamd64-version', os.F_OK):
            self.init = '/etc/rc.d/'
            self.initfile = 'init/slackware/rc.wicd'
            self.docdir = '/usr/doc/wicd-%s' % VERSION_NUM
            self.mandir = '/usr/man/'
            self.no_install_acpi = True
        elif os.access('/etc/pld-release', os.F_OK):
            self.init = '/etc/rc.d/init.d/'
            self.initfile = 'init/pld/wicd'
            self.init = 'FAIL'
            self.initfile = 'FAIL'
            self.no_install_init = True
            self.distro_detect_failed = True
            print 'WARNING: Unable to detect the distribution in use.  ' + \
                  'If you have specified --init and --initfile, configure will continue.  ' + \
                  'Please report this warning, along with the name of your ' + \
                  'distribution, to the wicd developers.'
        self.python = '/usr/bin/python'
        self.pidfile = '/var/run/wicd/wicd.pid'
        self.initfilename = os.path.basename(self.initfile)

    def finalize_options(self):
        if self.distro_detect_failed == True:
            if not self.no_install_init:
                if self.init == 'FAIL' or self.initfile == 'FAIL':
                    print 'ERROR: Failed to detect distro. Configure cannot continue.  ' + \
                          'Please specify --init and --initfile to continue with configuration.'
        # loop through the argument definitions in user_options
        for argument in self.user_options:
            # argument name is the first item in the user_options list
            # sans the = sign at the end
            argument_name = argument[0][:-1]
            # select the first one, which is the name of the option
            value = getattr(self, argument_name)
            # if the option is not python (which is not a directory)
            if not argument[0][:-1] == "python":
                # see if it ends with a /
                if not value.endswith("/"):
                    # if it doesn't, slap one on
                    setattr(self, argument_name, value + "/")
                # as stated above, the python entry defines the beginning
                # of the files section

    def run(self):
        values = list()
        for argument in self.user_options:
            if argument[0].endswith('='):
                print argument[0][:-1],'is',
                print getattr(self, argument[0][:-1])
                values.append((argument[0][:-1], getattr(self, argument[0][:-1].replace('-','_'))))
                print "Found switch",argument,getattr(self, argument[0].replace('-','_'))
                values.append((argument[0], bool(getattr(self, argument[0].replace('-','_')))))
        print 'Replacing values in template files...'
        for item in os.listdir('in'):
            if item.endswith('.in'):
                print 'Replacing values in',item,
                original_name = os.path.join('in',item)
                item_in = open(original_name, 'r')
                final_name = item[:-3].replace('=','/')
                print final_name
                item_out = open(final_name, 'w')
                for line in item_in.readlines():
                    for item, value in values:
                        line = line.replace('%' + str(item.upper().replace('-','_')) + '%', str(value))
                shutil.copymode(original_name, final_name)
class get_translations(Command):
    description = "download the translations from the online translator"
    user_options = []

    def initialize_options(self):

    def finalize_options(self):

    def run(self):
        import urllib, shutil
        filename, headers = urllib.urlretrieve('http://wicd.net/translator/get_id_list.php')
        id_file = open(filename, 'r')
        lines = id_file.readlines()
        # remove the \n from the end of lines, and remove blank entries
        lines = [ x.strip() for x in lines if not x.strip() is '' ]
        for id in lines:
            # http://wicd.net/translator/download_po.php?language=11
            pofile, poheaders = urllib.urlretrieve('http://wicd.net/translator/download_po.php?language='+str(id))
            #for i in `cat ids`; do
            #wget "http://wicd.sourceforge.net/translator/download_po.php?language=$i&version=$1" -O "language_$i"
            #iden=`python -c "import sys; print open('language_$i','r').readlines()[1].strip()[2:]"`
            #mv "language_$i" po/$iden.po
            #mkdir -p $iden/LC_MESSAGES/
            #msgfmt --output-file=$iden/LC_MESSAGES/wicd.mo po/$iden.po
            lang_identifier = open(pofile,'r').readlines()[1].strip()[2:]
            shutil.move(pofile, lang_identifier+'.po')
            print 'Got',lang_identifier
            os.system('msgfmt --output-file=translations/'+lang_identifier+'/LC_MESSAGES/wicd.mo '+lang_identifier+'.po')

class uninstall(Command):
    description = "remove Wicd using uninstall.sh and install.log"
    user_options = []

    def initialize_options(self):

    def finalize_options(self):

    def run(self):

    import wpath
    print '''Error importing wpath.py. You can safely ignore this
message. It is probably because you haven't run python setup.py
configure yet or you are running it for the first time.'''

data = []

    print "Using init file",(wpath.init, wpath.initfile)
    data = [
    (wpath.dbus, ['other/wicd.conf']),
    (wpath.desktop, ['other/wicd.desktop']),
    (wpath.log, []), 
    (wpath.etc, []),
    (wpath.icons + 'scalable/apps/', ['icons/scalable/wicd-client.svg']),
    (wpath.icons + '192x192/apps/', ['icons/192px/wicd-client.png']),
    (wpath.icons + '128x128/apps/', ['icons/128px/wicd-client.png']),
    (wpath.icons + '96x96/apps/', ['icons/96px/wicd-client.png']),
    (wpath.icons + '72x72/apps/', ['icons/72px/wicd-client.png']),
    (wpath.icons + '64x64/apps/', ['icons/64px/wicd-client.png']),
    (wpath.icons + '48x48/apps/', ['icons/48px/wicd-client.png']),
    (wpath.icons + '36x36/apps/', ['icons/36px/wicd-client.png']),
    (wpath.icons + '32x32/apps/', ['icons/32px/wicd-client.png']),
    (wpath.icons + '24x24/apps/', ['icons/24px/wicd-client.png']),
    (wpath.icons + '22x22/apps/', ['icons/22px/wicd-client.png']),
    (wpath.icons + '16x16/apps/', ['icons/16px/wicd-client.png']),
    (wpath.images, [('images/' + b) for b in os.listdir('images') if not b.startswith('.')]),
    (wpath.encryption, [('encryption/templates/' + b) for b in os.listdir('encryption/templates') if not b.startswith('.')]),
    (wpath.networks, []),
    (wpath.bin, ['scripts/wicd-client', ]), 
    (wpath.sbin,  ['scripts/wicd', ]),  
    (wpath.share, ['data/wicd.glade', ]),
    (wpath.lib, ['wicd/wicd-client.py', 'wicd/monitor.py', 'wicd/wicd-daemon.py', 'wicd/configscript.py', 'wicd/suspend.py', 'wicd/autoconnect.py']), #'wicd/wicd-gui.py', 
    (wpath.autostart, ['other/wicd-tray.desktop', ]),
    ( wpath.docdir, [ 'AUTHORS', 'README' ]),
    piddir = os.path.dirname(wpath.pidfile)
    if not piddir.endswith('/'):
        piddir += '/'
    data.append (( piddir, [] ))
    if not wpath.no_install_install:
        data.append(( wpath.docdir, [ 'INSTALL' ] ))
    if not wpath.no_install_license:
        data.append(( wpath.docdir, [ 'LICENSE' ] ))
    if not wpath.no_install_kde:
        data.append(( wpath.kdedir, [ 'other/wicd-tray.desktop' ]))
    if not wpath.no_install_init:
        data.append(( wpath.init, [ wpath.initfile ]))
    if not wpath.no_install_man:
        data.append(( wpath.mandir + 'man8/', [ 'man/wicd.8' ]))
        data.append(( wpath.mandir + 'man5/', [ 'man/wicd-manager-settings.conf.5' ]))
        data.append(( wpath.mandir + 'man5/', [ 'man/wicd-wired-settings.conf.5' ]))
        data.append(( wpath.mandir + 'man5/', [ 'man/wicd-wireless-settings.conf.5' ]))
    if not wpath.no_install_acpi:
        data.append(( wpath.resume, ['other/80-wicd-connect.sh' ]))
        data.append(( wpath.suspend, ['other/50-wicd-suspend.sh' ]))
    print 'Creating pid path', os.path.basename(wpath.pidfile)
    print 'Language support for',
    for language in os.listdir('translations/'):
        if not language.startswith('.'):
            codes = language.split('_')
            short_language = language
            if codes[0].lower() == codes[1].lower():
                short_language = codes[0].lower()
            print short_language,
            data.append((wpath.translations + short_language + '/LC_MESSAGES/', ['translations/' + language + '/LC_MESSAGES/wicd.mo']))
    print '''Error setting up data array. This is normal if 
python setup.py configure has not yet been run.'''

setup(cmdclass={'configure' : configure, 'get_translations' : get_translations, 'uninstall' : uninstall},
      description="A wireless and wired network manager",
      long_description="""A complete network connection manager
Wicd supports wired and wireless networks, and capable of
creating and tracking profiles for both.  It has a 
template-based wireless encryption system, which allows the user
to easily add encryption methods used.  It ships with some common
encryption types, such as WPA and WEP. Wicd will automatically
connect at startup to any preferred network within range.
      author="Adam Blackburn, Dan O'Reilly",
      author_email="compwiz18@users.sourceforge.net, imdano@users.sourceforge.net",
      ## scripts=['configscript.py', 'autoconnect.py', 'gui.py', 'wicd.py', 'daemon.py', 'suspend.py', 'monitor.py'],
      py_modules=['wicd.networking', 'wicd.misc', 'wicd.gui', 'wicd.wnettools', 'wicd.wpath'],
##print "Running post-install configuration..."
##print 'Done.'

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