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def wicd::wicd-client::TrayIcon::TrayConnectionInfo::get_bandwidth_state (   self  ) 

Determines what network activity state we are in. 

Definition at line 221 of file wicd-client.py.

00221                                      :
            """ Determines what network activity state we are in. """
            transmitting = False
            receiving = False
            dev_dir = '/sys/class/net/'
            wiface = daemon.GetWirelessInterface()
            for fldr in os.listdir(dev_dir):
                if fldr == wiface:
                    dev_dir = dev_dir + fldr + "/statistics/"
                rcvbytes = int(open(dev_dir + "rx_bytes", "r").read().strip())
                sndbytes = int(open(dev_dir + "tx_bytes", "r").read().strip())
            except IOError:
                sndbytes = None
                rcvbytes = None
            if not rcvbytes or not sndbytes:
                return 'idle-'
            # Figure out receiving data info.
            activity = self.is_network_active(rcvbytes, self.max_rcv_gain,
            receiving = activity[0]
            self.max_rcv_gain = activity[1]
            self.last_rcvbytes = activity[2]
            # Figure out out transmitting data info.
            activity = self.is_network_active(sndbytes, self.max_snd_gain,
            transmitting = activity[0]
            self.max_snd_gain = activity[1]
            self.last_sndbytes = activity[2]
            if transmitting and receiving:
                return 'both-'
            elif transmitting:
                return 'transmitting-'
            elif receiving:
                return 'receiving-'
                return 'idle-'
        def is_network_active(self, bytes, max_gain, last_bytes):

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