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wicd::networking::Wireless Class Reference

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Detailed Description

A wrapper for common wireless interface functions. 

Definition at line 343 of file networking.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def Connect
def CreateAdHocNetwork
def DetectWirelessInterface
def DisableInterface
def Disconnect
def EnableInterface
def get_debug
def get_dhcp_client
def get_flush_tool
def get_wired_iface
def get_wireless_iface
def get_wpa_driver
def GetBSSID
def GetCurrentNetwork
def GetDBMStrength
def GetIP
def GetIwconfig
def GetKillSwitchStatus
def GetSignalStrength
def IsUp
def LoadInterfaces
def Scan
def set_debug
def set_dhcp_client
def set_flush_tool
def set_wired_iface
def set_wireless_iface
def set_wpa_driver
def SetWPADriver

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

tuple debug = property(get_debug, set_debug)
tuple dhcp_client = property(get_dhcp_client, set_dhcp_client)
tuple flush_tool = property(get_flush_tool, set_flush_tool)
tuple wired_interface = property(get_wired_iface, set_wired_iface)
tuple wireless_interface = property(get_wireless_iface, set_wireless_iface)
tuple wpa_driver = property(get_wpa_driver, set_wpa_driver)

Private Attributes


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