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wicd::gui::appGui Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The main wicd GUI class. 

Definition at line 1204 of file gui.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def about_dialog
def cancel_connect
def check_encryption_valid
def check_for_wired
def check_for_wireless
def connect
def connect_hidden
def create_adhoc_network
def dbus_scan_finished
def dbus_scan_started
def disconnect
def disconnect_all
def edit_advanced
def exit
def key_event
def pulse_progress_bar
def refresh_networks
def run_settings_dialog
def save_settings
def save_wired_settings
def save_wireless_settings
def set_label
def set_status
def settings_dialog
def show_win
def toggle_encrypt_check
def update_connect_buttons
def update_statusbar
def wait_for_events

Public Attributes

 External Programs tab.

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